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Renting & Leasing for business

Renting for companies

Finance your professional vehicle

Find out Citroën’s Free2Move Leasing. Get your professional vehicle without making a large outlay, without worries and with the advantages that your business needs:

  • Variable contracting period from 24 months to 48 months.
  • Adjustable mileage up to 180,000 km during the funding period.
  • When the contract ends you can choose between exchange your vehicle for a new Citroën or return it.
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Renting Citroen Marbella
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The best advantages for your Citroën renting

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Your fleet always ready

Citroën renting guarantees the maintenance of your vehicles in optimal conditions, with periodic reviews and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Tailor-made financing

Hire the optional services that best suit your business and adjust the financing of your Citroën renting as you prefer.

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Full Renting Pro

Citroën renting is a financial formula that allows you to rent a new vehicle for a period of up to 60 months, be it tourism or commercial.

Leasing for professionals

Citroën Business passenger car range

At Citroën Marbella We help you find the most suitable vehicle for your business activity or business. Trust us to advise you.

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Renting Citroen Marbella



At Citroën Marbella we provide you with access to commercial vehicles with unsurpassed conditions and the best guarantees.

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Leasing tailored to any professional

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Designed for everyone

Thanks to Citroën Business you will be able to access your rental vehicle with the option to purchase at an unbeatable price and conditions.

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Against all odds

Leasing de Citroën It is ideal if you are looking for quality, robust and spacious commercial vehicles.

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The best option

With PSA Finance your leasing adapts to your needs and those of your business. Choose a vehicle and go for all!